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Are you looking for couples counseling in Lakewood, CO? Deanne Drda MA offers couples therapy and marriage counseling, and is Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples/Relationship Therapy. Keeping a relationship healthy takes work, understanding, and communication. Whether you have never been married or are in a relationship for one year or 30 years, don’t lose hope; it’s simply a matter of understanding the negative dances that all couples can easily get into – and learning techniques to keep your relationship alive.

As your couples counselor, it is my job to help you understand the natural ways in which we “get sideways” with one another, navigate through your issues and SAFELY open up the lines of communication between the two of you. I help you do this through compassionate wisdom and education, so that you can create a safe space with one another. Once safety is established, it’s possible to find compassion for yourself and one another and negative patterns that have crept into your relationship. From there, we can heal any injuries from the past and rewrite your relationship story to capture your shared heroes’ journey.

If you are struggling to keep your marriage alive, couples counseling, specifically my compassionate heart, and the education, tools and techniques of Emotionally Focused Therapy, can help you navigate the waters. I am capable of assisting you through most any challenging situation, including couples who have already been divorced and are looking to reconnect (or improve their co-parenting relationship), couples who are struggling with separations or affairs, and couples who simply want to enhance their relationship and move to the next level of conscious intimacy.

Experiencing couples therapy sessions together can also be extremely helpful for those who want their marriage to grow. I facilitate visioning processes for couples, inviting the opportunity to be “pulled by the vision” rather than “pushed by the pain.” Even if you are not experiencing any painful problems within your relationship, you can still seek couples counseling. A routine visit to the therapist to discuss your relationship, and what each partner wants, can create a stronger bond. It leaves the door open for communication for your future as well. Make a couples counseling appointment with Deanne Drda MA and put your relationship on the right track.