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I received my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and entered private practice as Deanne Drda MA in 2009. I have been a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (Religious Science Practitioner) since 2005. In December, 2016, I competed the 7-year journey to be Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples/relationships by the International Centre for Excellence in EFT. Over the years, I have been blessed by being able to help hundreds of clients (individuals and couples) find the right path to solving their problems, working through their issues, and finding happiness in their lives.

My intentional Life Legacy is healing relationships on the planet.

Spiritual guidance is not necessarily religious… In One River, Many Wells Matthew Fox discusses the One River of Creation as greater than human experience of religion, yet the Source each is seeking to reach and experience. He likens each religious path as a well to the Source. There are many ways in which we seek to understand the Divine, and our Divine Nature – and yet it’s important to note that we must be willing to “go deep” to reach the actual Source. Spiritual Psychology believes, like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, that we are Divine Beings having a human experience. Each religion provides a language and perspective through which to remember Who We Are. Conscious scientists have offered the Noetic Bet: 1. Reality is more than merely physical. 2. Everything and everyone are interconnected. 3. We can consciously participate in our own evolution.

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, my role is to support you in going deep in a way that makes sense to you. I have many tools (processes and techniques) in my “tool box” and yet my greatest tools are heart-centered listening, seeing the loving essence and affirmative prayer. My personal path is in alignment with New Thought and Science of Mind teachings and I feel that my B I G spiritual picture allows me to support most anyone wherever they are in their own journey of discovery. “My intention in working with you is to support the discovery and clarity of your own inner wisdom – to cultivate your own inner guidance system – and to find and speak your own authentic voice. Nothing is Truer than what’s True for You!”

Where this all leads me is to an open-hearted willingness to support you wherever you all, maintaining a profound knowing that your intentions for living life more fully are already being fulfilled and right where you are is the perfect place (and time) to create a roadmap to your “greatest yet to be.”

Feel free to call me to see if we “click”.