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Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Support | Deanne Drda MA | Lakewood, CO | (303) 472-1580
If you are looking for spiritual support in Lakewood, CO, look no further than Deanne Drda MA. As your spiritual counselor, coach, guide, and I compassionately accompany...
Couples/Relationship Support | Deanne Drda MA | Lakewood, CO | (303) 472-1580
Are you looking for couples counseling in Lakewood, CO? Deanne Drda MA offers couples therapy and marriage counseling. Keeping a relationship healthy takes...
Hold Me Tight ® Workshop | Deanne Drda MA | Lakewood, CO | (303) 472-1580
Hold Me Tight ® Workshop is a 14-hour workshop based on the program developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT)...

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Welcome to Deanne Drda MA

Seeking assistance in the form of counseling is actually a sign of strength, not weakness. It can be the first step to healing and recovering from difficult times in your life– as well as building on the intentions and dreams you have for your future – all the while mapping out the route to get there, realizing and experiencing the joy of the journey. With Deanne Drda MA in Lakewood, CO, you will receive the support and guidance you have been searching for. “Get in touch” with your emotions and core beliefs today. Through individual private sessions, couples sessions or small group workshops, I will help you navigate towards a brighter and happier future right now.

Though my practice currently offers several variations of counseling support, my primary focus is working through the various challenges of the human experience, seeing them as opportunities for growth, and moving towards an empowered vision of the future.

Couples counseling sessions (Emotionally Focused Therapy and Hold Me Tight® workshops) focus specifically on rebuilding your relationships with others, while Spiritual Support is focused on your relationship with yourself and your Higher Power/God/Spirit.

If you feel you would benefit from counseling, call now for your initial phone consultation! At Deanne Drda MA, I will help you to focus on healing and overcoming your obstacles.